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I purchased an Engine From the Store When will it be Fitted?

All items purchased through the Core-Exiles store are processed by hand. Generally speaking if you make your purchase during office hours (GT: Game Time) the item will be added to your account fairly quickly sometime in a matter of minutes.

Items purchased outside these hours will be dealt with first thing in the morning. 'Game Time' and UK time are the same so using the game time as a guide will ensure you purchase when we are about.

From time to time we are here till late (working on code or additions etc) so sometimes you may find your evening purchase fitted quicker than expected.

Please note we ONLY process purchased once we receive confirmation from Paypal that the purchase has been complete.

If paying by E-Cheque we will contact you for further information.
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Date Submitted: 10th Feb 2012 | Date Answered: 10th Feb 2012 | Views: 2496
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