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Returning Player - Can i have my Purchased Items Back?

IF you purchased items from the CE Store and then let your account become inactive for 12 Months or more and it has been deleted, then all the items you purchased are deleted along with that account.

We do NOT currently offer a reclaim service should you wish to come back and play once more. Whilst we are more than happy to see returning players we are not able to return items to accounts.

This policy is written in to the term and 'conditions of use' in the Core-Exiles Store which you will have agreed to have read and agreed to these terms at the point of sale.


The only exception is to serving armed forces who defend their nation with their service and have little or no choice in their accounts becoming inactive through Military duty overseas.

In this case the individual should contact us with their details.

This returning claim policy has been in affect since CE returned back in March 2007.

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