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How do I move around?

The galaxy is made up of a number of systems. Each system consists of a number of planets, star-bases, and the like. Each system has a jump gate. The jump gate will connect to at least one other system.

To leave a planet or star-base, simply use the Undock from XXX at the bottom of the Promenade menu.

This will place you in orbit of that location. You must then Approach another destination by clicking its image. Then dock (if you choose to do so).

Using Jump Gates : You must enter the jump gate system by docking at a jump gate. Once inside the jump gate network, you can safely traverse the network of gates, fuel permitting. When you arrive at the system you were looking for (use the map to locate it) you undock into the system. This returns you to normal space where upon you can carry on your travels.

Note: that jump gates will provide you with systems to jump to. To locate a specific planet when the system is unknown, use the Galaxy Locator found in your left drop down menu. Click the name of the planet and then 'locate now' to receive information on the location, including the system in which it can be found.
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