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How do I craft?

A-You will need the all of the following to craft.

-sufficient manufacturing and production skill
-resources located in the Commercial Store of a promenade that has a Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing Facility are not found everywhere. If present, they will be at the far right of the upper toolbar and look like a grey building with two smokestacks. Click on it to enter. The Manufacturing Facility resembles the CEDR interface or your Ship Store.

Your schematics will be sorted by category and you will need to find the one you want to build. When you select a schematic it will be loaded into the facility interface. There will be six blocks showing the resources and modules that are needed, blocks 5 and 6 are always modules. Beneath each block will be displayed the Actual resources you have on hand and the Required resources for the build. Also, on the right is a check list of resources and skill requirements. If all is in order, the Craft button will create what you want, otherwise it will provide you a failure message.

Note: Crystals must be added BEFORE you click the Craft button. An Add Crystal button will be available only on the builds that can use them. You can add up to three crystals, but each pass through the Add Crystal button will only add one.

An additional resource to get you started may be found at
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