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Why can't I get my extractors to mine on asteroids?

Answer: Because they don't work there.

To mine an asteroid field, you can use Mining Drones. Like extractors, these can be purchased or crafted. They come in five designer shades of white, and classes based on the quantity of ore they can mine per hour. You can only mine ore with a mining drone! You can only operate 5 drones at a time. Choose wisely. Drones also have the nasty habit of deteriorating over time out there. You should plan on pulling them out of the asteroid clusters periodically for maintenance. Maintenance is usually cheap, and it is always cheaper than buying a new drone. To use your drones, select the asteroid field and use the little Deploy Drone icon on the upper right of your screen. You can pick up you haul in the Refinery station that should be floating around nearby.

The other option is to "mine by hand." This is how you get the good stuff, or some of it, anyway. Direct mining requires skill in Scanners, a Mining Laser and an Asteroid Scanner. An Asteroid Data Scanner is also helpful, as it can tell you what is in the asteroids you are mining, but it is not necessary. Once the correct load out is in place on your ship, simply select the asteroid field, and choose the Red Laser icon that appears on the upper right of your screen. Hit your lasers and see what pops up. You don't have to accept everything that you find. Feel free to be selective. Every resource (or special) that pops up costs fuel to extract. Some things, like ore, probably aren't worth it. Others, like Jaspar are very worth it. When you take a FOM mining mission, this is the method you will use. Remember that you can only mine as much tonnage as you have space on your ship. It is a good idea to have a planet with CS and CSTS available nearby.
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