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What are Missiles used for?

Answer: Missiles are just an extra combat option as they provide additional tactical choices based on the type of missile used:

1) Single Layer Missile - Damages the opponent one-layer at a time like a gun
2) Shield Penetrator Missile - Will bypass enemy Shield
3) Armour Penetrator Missile - Will bypass enemy Armour (will NOT bypass Shield)
4) 3-Way Damage Missile - Will damage enemy Shield, Armour, and Hull simultaneously

Store-bought missiles can be a bit expensive, but the Player Made missiles are cost-effective providing you have the skills to extract the resources to make them - and Player-Made missiles have a much higher damage-output yield than their store-bought counterparts of similar levels.

Missiles can be used in conjunction with a gun but can also be used independently.

Missile launchers require minimal energy and this fact can be important to consider for players where energy conservation is a concern.

Missiles DO NOT cost any Action Points (AP): This is a common misconception about them - they function like a gun
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