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How can i get more fuel by voting?

You start the process by clicking on the little thumbs up icon in the lower right corner of the screen. (Will say "Vote for CE Vote Daily & Grab A 200 Free Fuel Ticket" when you mouse over the icon)

Click on the "Begin Voting Process" to start out.

It will bring up a new page listing a site to vote for Core-Exiles on. Click on the voting page link, then click on "Continue Voting Process".

NOTE: You can not click on the "Continue Voting Process" until you have clicked on the image of the voting page to bring that page up to vote on.

You will repeat the voting process until you get the page with the "Finish" button on it. Once you click on "Finish" you will get 200 fuel and also be entered into winning a prize at the end of the month.
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Date Submitted: 29th May 2016 | Date Answered: 27th Jun 2016 | Views: 4172
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