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Where can I find combat targets within my ship's level of ability?

There are a few ways to find that perfect target. Some are listed below.

1. The Higher the Law Level of the place you are stationed above, the weaker the combatants. So if you are a lower level captain, you will want to fight on a higher LAW level place. Example: If you are over a place that shows ONLY reds and oranges in your combat scan. Move to a HIGHER law level place and try again.

2. Combat Office Missions are another way to find your level of target AND get paid for it with credits and XP.

3. Wherever you may be, if your Scanner locates a green target, be it a friendly or a pirate, this is within your range. Yellow is dangerous to tackle if you do not have Matrix to fix your shields during the battle. Orange targets are not recommended unless you are an experienced, higher level captain. Red is taking a huge risk that will most likely result in a breach or the need to call of the combat. Green means good. Red means Run.
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Date Submitted: 10th Feb 2012 | Date Answered: 10th Feb 2012 | Views: 1922
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