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What happens if a ship I'm trying to destroy destroys my ship ?

When your ship is 'destroyed,' this is called a hull breach, because all of your shields, armor and hull have been destroyed. No, you don't lose your ship, but it is still a disaster. When you have a hull breach in combat, you lose time which means fuel, you lose any cargo you are carrying including missions cargo (but not passengers), and you lose experience points (xp) and credits.

So here are some ways you can avoid hull breaches:

1) Try different ships and learn which ones you can hit safely. You an usually tell by the color with dark green being easiest and dark red the hardest. Also know the law level of the planet or other location where you are fighting ships. The lower the levels the harder the ships will be. Also make sure the ship does not have a higher speed than yours or it will outrun you and you will lose fuel chasing it.

2) Avoid those ships out of your color range, but always try to edge higher as you level up and get better equipment. In time you will also learn what ships, and which locations, yield the best xp, credits & loot as well. Make sure you have the best equipment you can have for your skills and level.

3) Use the Abort Combat button. Keep an eye on how much damage your opponents weapons cause, including any missiles. Add a little to this, guessing high as to how much damage a missile might cause if the enemy were to fire any it hasn't fired yet. Pick an approximate number, again figuring high, and don't let your hull drop below that level. If you are using a shield and want to use matrices, don't let your hull get too low before doing so, as the enemy ship might have shield penetrating missiles even if it hasn't used one yet.

Abort combat instead. You will lose, compared to what you lose with a hull breach, a very small amount of only xp and credits, no fuel or cargo. A hull breach is far worse than a combat abort. Use the Abort Combat button.
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Date Submitted: 10th Feb 2012 | Date Answered: 10th Feb 2012 | Views: 2426
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