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Why cant I log in to the Forums?

When you created your account with Core-Exiles we automatically created you a Forum Account using the same Captain name and password. The passwords from that point on as unique and changing one will NOT change the other.

We merely create a forum account for you so that your Captains 'Nick' is secure and not used by another player. We ensure all our forum names are the REAL captain name that way it's easier to know who your talking to and replying too.

IF you have changed your in game password it will NOT affect the forum password. But both accounts are locked to your email address so you can use password resets (separately) on either account if you ever forget them.

Staff cannot change your Forum Password - you must use the 'Forgot your password' option on the login box. This will help you recover the password should you forget it or have issues logging in. Passwords are kept separate to ensure YOUR account security not because we are being awkward.
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Date Submitted: 10th Feb 2012 | Date Answered: 10th Feb 2012 | Views: 2379
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