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What are Az-Pat resources ?

Az-Pat resources are produced by using a Subatomic Moleculiser. The Subatomic Moleculiser will reverse engineer many items such as weapons and cargo expanders and the resulting output are Az-Pat resources. Some Az-Pat resources for example are: Gelon, Metallocite, Niobenium, Nylonite, Porphyrogen, Xanthomite.

If you would like more information, please see the following Dev note

Can I leave my Factory or Mall Inactive ?

Factories and Malls require Structure Points to place. Once placed they require 'resources & commodities' to keep them 'Active'. You CAN keep a mall INACTIVE if you so choose to do so, but your SP will remain invested in that item.

The 30 Day player inactivity rule DOES however exist. Should you not return to the game for 30 days or more your Mall or Factory WILL be removed by the various bodies governing their placement.

You will receive an email outlining the removal. You will LOOSE the Mall or Factory in question at that time.
Malls will also loose any resources or commodities placed within them when the mall was removed.

Structure points will be returned to you after the removal. This ONLY takes place if your account is inactive for 30 days or more. Simply logging in will reset this.
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