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What happens to things that dont sell or are not collected ?

The collection point holds items that are sent to or returned to a captain from various sources. If you place items on the Player market for sale they remain there for 7 days before being returned VIA the Collection Point.

If you trade an item to another captain it remains in the Collection Point for seven days before being returned to you.

If a service like ORSA returned an Extractor to you then again that is held in the Collection Point for Seven days. In all these cases these items are only stored for SEVEN days once returned to the originator owner. It is your responsibility to collect them from the Collection Point within this seven day period. Any item returned to the originator owner left for more than seven days in the CP is then deleted from the game.
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Date Submitted: 10th Feb 2012 | Date Answered: 10th Feb 2012 | Views: 2269
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