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I cant locate the ship for my Combat Mission?

There are various types of Combat offices in Core Exiles. They all offer missions based on your current Ships Load-out. It uses your max HP Threat rating and generates ships that are required to be killed in various locations through the Galaxy.

A common bug that is logged (and a misconception) is that the office spawns missions for ships where they cant exist. Each mission that is generated is ran against a Law Level and Ship Type check before being displayed.

'But you MUST be wrong Coops, I've been scanning in that area and the ship doesn't appear!!!'

Again the most common response we get!

There are 1000's and 1000's of ships in the DB. Each one has a unique classification as to where is can appear in given law level ranges. Hence you may see two ships that share the same name and stats wise look the same but they have completely different classifications for the DB. This enables us to allow ships not normally found or (and here's the KEY) rarely found to appear at given locations where their normal counterparts would not normally appear.

'OK, but that doesn't help me?'

The golden rules when using the combat office is to bare in mind that it's best to take missions for ships you KNOW you have seen in those law levels. That ensures you are hunting 'Common Ships' and not uncommon ships in the same location.

Bare in mind that the Combat Offices offer missions based on their own requirements, not on where you want to go or what you want to hunt. It's up to you to think carefully before selecting a mission.

Don't forget they are paying you a fat bonus for doing what you would be doing anyway, they just expect you to kill certain ship types.

So to close, just because you have not seen the ship in question in the location you are scanning does NOT mean it cannot appear there. The chances are the location is a high traffic area and is swamped with lots of other ships, making your 'rare' ship harder to locate.

Your options ? Keep scanning, increase your scanner set so you have a maximum number of returns per scan, or simply abort the missions and take into account the above FAQ.

All bugs posted from this date on that are related to this WILL be sent to this FAQ.
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Date Submitted: 10th Feb 2012 | Date Answered: 10th Feb 2012 | Views: 1968
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